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Hiring for EV sector with niche expertise

Hiring for EV sector with niche expertise 800 485 Krehsst

An Indian automotive component manufacturing company with legacy of more than 50 years, developed a strategic plan to align with evolving automotive technology. As part of their strategic plan the company decided to set up an organization In e-mobility space. This EV organization will design and develop components for the customers of the company and help the company to acquire a presence in electric vehicle mobility space across the world. Initially the EV organization consisted of 25 members team. We were engaged to hire talent across the levels of experience and roles in the new organization of electrical vehicle mobility. As a first step we scanned the talent market and submitted an overall view of availability of the talent and the corresponding demand supply situation for electric vehicle mobility talent space. Based on initial assessment of we shared key talent profiles for different roles with the company. It was revealed that the current compensation structure and salary levels did not match the expectations of talent in EV space. We influenced client HR organization to reconsider the compensation levels to match the market. We provided some indication of CTC across experience bands in EV space. The company revisited the compensation approach and provided 30 to 50% higher levels of compensation for certain critical roles. Working with the line managers and the human resource manager of the organization we hired around 15 key talents in 6 months for the company, helping the company to implement EV strategy. These talents were hired across experience levels and roles. This helped the client to start the journey of EV components. This also helped us to develop our talent capability to hire in the e-mobility space.