Introducing Green Hydrogen in the Chemical-Process Industry

Introducing Green Hydrogen in the Chemical-Process Industry

Introducing Green Hydrogen in the Chemical-Process Industry 560 420 Krehsst

Introducing Green Hydrogen in the Chemical-Process Industry

The chemical and process industries focus on chemically manufacturing raw materials into products ready to be packaged. The final products will differ from their raw materials once they are processed. India’s chemical industry contributes 7% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This contribution makes India the sixth-largest chemical industry in the world. As a result, we can notice a spark in the employment opportunities that chemical recruitment agencies cater to.

India’s chemical and process industries produce about 80,000 chemical products. This vast output, demand, and recognition led to the foundation of some reputed chemical recruitment agencies in India.

Top Story of The Week

Published on 30th December 2022, Nitin Gadkari minister of Road Transport and Highways introduces green hydrogen as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Besides its obvious relevance in transportation, green hydrogen holds futuristic value in the chemical and fertiliser industry. Mr. Gadkari announced this proclamation at the 121st annual station of the established Merchant’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This element of scope and recognised demand causes a spike in growth in textile recruitment agencies in India.

Mr. Gadkari states that the country has a bright future in becoming a global manufacturing hub and green hydrogen exporter. Moreover, green hydrogen is economically convenient in small-scale applications. The chemical and process industries promise a revolutionary switch to green hydrogen by 2030. If the industry progresses at this rate, the country will establish a national market of USD 8 billion.

A Greener India

This logical yet uprooting turn has caused a rise in chemical engineering recruitment agencies since companies and start-ups revamp their ways. Not only does this create employment opportunities, but it also solidifies the growth of chemical industries in India.

Mr. Gadkari highlights the collaboration of the Central Road Research Institute with the Indian Institute of Petroleum regarding bio-bitumen development. It includes rice straw in its processing and is said to be a long-term solution to reducing the carbon footprint.

In the modern era with excess emissions, it is vital to include green hydrogen in fertiliser manufacturing. The industry consumes this green hydrogen to produce fertilisers along with other gases. It is an eco-friendly substitute for coal and crude oil. As we walk towards an environmentally-conscious world, this initiative could do wonders on a large scale.

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