We often find that a start-up at a nascent stage cannot afford to get caught on the wrong foot, as far as hiring the right talent is concerned.
Our strength lies in 360° understanding of the client organisation, the environment, as also, the industry you operate in. Based on your brief of the expected candidate profile, we map the industry and populate our sourcing bin with a pool of relevant candidates.

Branding a start-up can be fairly challenging, as it is largely focussed on the Founders’/Promoter’s background. Our experience equips us for a deeper level of engagement with the target candidates to generate interest in them to work for a start-up. The entire hiring process is made easier and efficient. We have been hiring for start-ups in the energy conservation, block-chain technology, IoT technology, Data Analytics and CRM, medical equipment and devices, Fintech, and the Electric Vehicles segments.


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