Heavy Engineering



The industry helps India meet and fulfil the huge domestic and international demand for goods. Infrastructure, core sectors and other sectors are efficiently served. We are proud to state that India is one of the leading exporters of machines for the steel industry, mining equipment, and equipment for the fertilizer, cement, petrochemical manufacturing, and heavy engineering industries.

For smooth operations, this industry requires talent with specific knowledge, skill sets and experience. Krehsst specialises in this industry and provides you with critical competencies that are difficult to find in the market. With in-depth knowledge of the industry, our team of subject matter experts assists companies in identifying the right talent. Our dynamic candidate database helps us in proactively mapping senior and top talent of the industry.

As one of the leading engineering recruitment agencies in India, Krehsst specializes in identifying and providing top-tier talent with Industry specific knowledge, required skill sets, and experience sought after by heavy engineering recruitment agencies in India. Our team of subject matter experts possesses a deep understanding of the industry, allowing them to assist companies in recognizing what is needed for smooth operations. As one of the most reputable heavy engineering recruitment companies globally, we offer critical competencies that are challenging to find within the market. Moreover, our dynamic candidate database helps us proactively map senior and top talent within this sector for prospective job opportunities.

At Krehsst, we pride ourselves on making sure that our clients receive only quality candidates who have been thoroughly assessed based on their skills and qualifications as per client requirements while offering comprehensive support throughout your hiring process without compromising your business needs letting you focus on your core activities.


We have successfully closed several positions across various locations, for manufacturing plants, sales and service offices, R&D and tech centres.

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Partnered with a Multinational construction equipment manufacturer to set up their plant in India.

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Successfully closed 50+ service engineer positions at various underground mining sites for leading multinational mining equipment manufacturers.

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