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Close on its heels is the Electric Vehicle segment that is picking up speed. With the push from the Government for sustainable and eco-friendly transport and mobility solutions, and rising awareness among the populace, India is on the threshold of an EV-revolution.

India has ambitious plans to go further electric in 2023 and is already positioning itself as a major electric vehicle supplier worldwide. The government is collaborating with global players to establish multiple EV manufacturing bases and investing through PIF while participating in major EV production projects alongside established private companies with domain or technology expertise. In addition, India is placing significant emphasis on advancing research and mining ventures related to battery materials upstream in order to address crucial gaps in the electric vehicle supply chain.

The Krehsst team has proven expertise in mid and senior level leadership positions hiring for Auto OEMS (Two/Three Wheelers/PV/CV) and Tier-I, Tier-II Auto Ancillary companies. Over the period we have gained an extensive understanding of the industry and its requirements. Our team of subject matter experts in the Automobile domain ensure that we work on your mandates efficiently and provide best talent consistently.

The automotive industry in today’s world is rapidly evolving with the advancement of technology and increasing competition. In such a dynamic environment, it becomes imperative for automotive companies to have access to top-notch talent that understands the domain inside out. This is where Krehsst team comes into play as one of the most reliable automotive engineering Recruitment agency in the market. Our exceptional understanding of this niche sector allows us to source highly skilled individuals who can deliver the results required by our clients. Our team comprises of subject matter experts with extensive knowledge about key trends within auto engineering recruitment agencies. Being a leading Automotive executive search firm means meeting client expectations consistently which sets our performance bar high every single time – primarily due to years dedicated towards honing our skills on this front! We understand what makes an excellent candidate for your mandate as we stay up-to-date with current industry demands through regular research and analysis of data provided by various organizations.

Partnering with Krehsst means we guarantee you results without compromising quality or standards set forth by your brand-name requirements – helping you get ahead seamlessly while making a lasting impact within your own organization standing shoulder-to-shoulder.


We cater to positions in the body shop/paint shop/weld shop/final assembly – TCF (trims, chassis and frames)

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Components in automobile for polymer, electrical and electronics, metallic, lighting and others. Our expertise, among others, lies in hiring for light weighting solutions like MIM (Metal Injection Moulding)

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We specialise in hiring for AUTOSAR and embedded hardware and software among others in this sector.

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We are in it together with you and are currently hiring for power electronic designing for powertrain and BMS (battery management systems).

We can build your team for Powertrain components, battery management systems, charging infrastructure, software and mobile apps,

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