Why Choose Us?

At Krehsst, we have specifically designed our sourcing efforts to target, identify and recruit outstanding professionals who are trained to help our clients boost productivity, reduce costs, mitigate risks, increase efficiency, and ensure accountability.

We are proud of our reputation for delivering outstanding talent for specific hiring needs in high volume, competitive, and heavily regulated environments.

We provide cost-effective staffing solutions designed to allow our clients to maximize the power of human capital that will add to the ongoing success of their business.

Our recruiting Enterprise Resource Solution (ERP) is uniquely designed with a huge in-house database of half a million plus that is technologically integrated to take on end-to-end projects.

Our standard operating processes are aligned to Client Turn Around Time.

Our position analysis tool is designed to help identify the target industry and target companies to source candidates from The Krehsst Candidate Rating is a unique offering to our clients.

Our live Krehsst JD concept automatically captures the “Critical Skill Requirements”.

Minimum Qualifying Parameters” for any position.

Strong focus on Client Ownership offering solutions to long open positions.

Salary validations & reference checks is an integral part of the recruitment process that ensures a flawless and transparent staffing procedure.

our clients

We Pledge to every Client

  • All communication between clients and candidates shall be objective and accurate.
  • Clients, positions, and candidates will be represented honestly and factually.
  • We will conduct comprehensive reference checks on candidates.
  • We refrain from using sourcing techniques which involve pretext or falsehood.
  • We will inform clients of potential limitations, due to other client relationships, which might affect the outcome of the search prior to a candidate presentation.
  • Our goal is to build long term relationships, ultimately becoming a trusted extension of their own recruiting teams, partner in their business.
  • Maintain highest standards of Integrity and Confidentiality of the information shared for Hiring purposes.