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Helping Manufacturing Companies Set Up Technology Center

Helping Manufacturing Companies Set Up Technology Center 800 800 Krehsst

Helping Manufacturing Companies Set Up Technology Center

In the rapidly changing digital age, technology centers have become an essential aspect of businesses. While the benefits of digitalizing are widely acknowledged and have been adopted by top IT recruitment companies in India, setting up and using technology in a business can be a daunting task, especially without technical expertise. Technology centers are a valuable resource for businesses that want to stay competitive and innovative in today’s fast-paced technological environment. By providing access to cutting-edge technology, expertise, and collaboration opportunities, technology centers can help businesses grow and succeed in their industries.

In this blog, we will discuss the relevance, significance, and usage of technology centers in businesses and provide insights on how to set them up for your business.

What Is a Technology Center?

A technology center is a specialized facility or organization that focuses on research, development, and innovation in a particular area of technology or industry. Technology centers offer a range of services and resources to support technology development, industrial facilities, equipment, technical expertise, funding, financing support, etc. They may also provide consulting services, access to venture capital and other financing resources, and commercialization of corporate functions.

How Can Technology Centers Help You Expand Your Business?

The advantages of technology centers are vast, and here are some of the significant benefits:

Enhance product innovation: Technology centres enable manufacturers to develop and test new products, services, and processes. By leveraging advanced technologies and skilled personnel, they can provide a broad range of expertise to enhance product design and functionality, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Improve productivity and efficiency: Technology centres offer a range of training and support services to help manufacturers improve their processes, optimize their production lines, and reduce waste. This can help increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Access to advanced technologies: Technology centres have access to advanced technologies, equipment, and tools that may be too expensive for individual manufacturers to purchase or maintain. This allows manufacturers to leverage cutting-edge technology to improve their products and processes without incurring the high costs associated with technology acquisition.

Hiring for Setting Up Your Technology Center?

Tech center hiring requires deep diving into the industry to understand the requirement, analyze the market trend, and hunt for the appropriate candidate to match the required skill set. Organizations and Industries across the globe have increased their technology adaptations, and the demand for technology and niche skills has been drastically been on the rise.

We help companies who are looking to set up their technology center by proving them with senior and leadership manpower best suited to their requirements. With a proven record for recruitment  process outsourcing for senior and leadership roles, we assist multinationals and large companies with RPO hiring across various business functions

Wrapping Up

A dedicated technology center is essential for businesses to succeed in today’s digital age. Top IT recruitment companies in India have greatly benefited from setting up a technology center, and your business can benefit too. By following the steps mentioned above, you can set up your technology center and enjoy the benefits of increased business growth, better installation of technological tools, data protection and security, increased efficiency, and profitability.

Setting up international shared service for a manufacturing company for various roles and functions.

Setting up international shared service for a manufacturing company for various roles and functions. 800 485 Krehsst

Two leading cement manufacturing decided to form a JV to establish one global shared service centre to create and integrate world-class processes aimed at standardising and simplifying the operations of both the companies to drive highly effective and on-time deliveries.

We were engaged to hire talent and set-up their shared service division across the levels of experience and roles. Looking at the diversity and size of the group, bringing all the stakeholders to agree and approve of the common processes and decisions was a challenge since day one.

As the first step, we conducted a dip stick study and market availability of candidates for manufacturing processes shared services. After that we created a pool of interested candidates specifically for them as per their requirements. Interviews lineup/drive were initially conducted in Business Hotels & few offers were rolled out without the office address in place. Our competent team managed the drive for 100 plus candidates per day. Along with providing talent we also assisted them with conducting interviews, collecting documents for selected candidates, negotiating salaries on behalf of the company and finally rolling out offers. In a short span of 8 months over 250 offers were rolled out & after successful salary negotiations over 200 candidates joined for various process like O2C, P2P, H2R, R2R etc. Thus we not only provided them with talent but also provided them with additional value system by assisting them with the entire recruitment process.

Hiring Digital talent for a manufacturing client to meet their digital strategy goals

Hiring Digital talent for a manufacturing client to meet their digital strategy goals 800 485 Krehsst

We partnered with a European multinational company having established presence in India for 20 plus years. The company is engaged into manufacturing and sale of steel chords with a special technology of manufacturing steel wires and chords. the company has global presence across 50 plus countries. It’s product range consisted of products across steel wires and chords. As part of the global strategy of digitalization of the operations and enhance digital capability of the organization the company put in place a new digital organization across the world. One of the global digital verticals in this new digital organization is based out of India.

The company mandated us to provide talent for the Indian digital vertical. The talent needs required a talent pool of digital experts in the area of data scientist, data analytics and solution architects across technologies. The talent need was across the experience levels and seniority level of operational and leadership roles. All these roles were for the global digital internal customers of the company. The pay range varied with the highest pay for some roles up to INR 09 million per year. The digital hiring team of ours successfully used multiple methods of databased hiring and headhunting approach to attract the talent in 6 months. The top 3 challenges in this hiring assignment are identified as attracting digital talent for manufacturing organisation with low employer brand visibility , significant jump in demand for digital talent post pandemic and pay range based on market which is outside the normal pay range of manufacturing industry. With deep partnering with the hiring managers in India & Europe and the local and global Human resource team, we moved with speed and reliability in the process of hiring overcoming these challenges. We have hired 8 talents so far and the same will continue with additional new mandates in the year 2022-23.