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Set up Engineering Design Center (EDC) in India – For All Engineering Industries

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Set up Engineering Design Center (EDC) in India – For All Engineering Industries

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, engineering design plays a crucial role in driving innovation, product development, and overall growth in various engineering industries. To leverage the benefits of engineering design and stay ahead in the competitive market, many companies are considering setting up engineering design centers in India. With its skilled workforce, cost-effective solutions, and supportive ecosystem, India has emerged as a favorable destination for establishing such centers across different engineering industries.

Whether it’s automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial equipment or any other engineering sector, organizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their engineering capabilities and deliver innovative solutions. By setting up engineering design centers, companies can tap into the vast potential for growth and position themselves at the forefront of their respective industries.

The growth prospects for engineering industries are immense, driven by factors such as digital transformation, sustainable development, and the need for disruptive solutions. By establishing engineering design centers in India, companies can take advantage of several opportunities. Firstly, India boasts a large pool of highly skilled engineering professionals who are well-versed in the latest technologies and design methodologies. This talent pool enables organizations to access specialized expertise and expand their design capabilities.

Secondly, India offers a supportive business environment with favorable government policies, initiatives, and investment opportunities. The “Make in India” campaign, for instance, encourages both domestic and foreign companies to establish their presence in the country, driving growth and fostering collaboration. The availability of infrastructure, research institutions, and industrial clusters further adds to the advantages of setting up engineering design centers in India.

Krehsst, one of the leading engineering recruitment agencies in India, plays a vital role in assisting companies in setting up engineering design centers in the country. By providing comprehensive recruitment services, Krehsst ensures that companies find the right professionals to drive their engineering design initiatives.

With its extensive network and expertise in talent acquisition, Krehsst specializes in identifying and sourcing top engineering talent for various industries. Companies looking for heavy engineering recruitment agencies in India can rely on Krehsst ‘s specialized services to connect with highly skilled professionals in the heavy engineering sector. By partnering with Krehsst, companies gain access to a wide pool of qualified candidates who possess the necessary skills and expertise in engineering design.

As one of the leading engineering recruitment companies, Krehsst understands the specific requirements of different engineering industries and their required skill. The agency takes a personalized approach, working closely with clients to identify their specific needs and provide targeted recruitment services. Whether it’s heavy engineering recruitment companies or light engineering recruitment companies in India, Krehsst offers tailored solutions to meet the unique staffing needs of each client.


Setting up an engineering design center in India presents an array of opportunities for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage across various engineering industries. By leveraging the talent pool, favorable business environment, and support services available in India, companies can establish robust design centers that drive their engineering capabilities forward.

Krehsst, with its expertise in talent acquisition and knowledge of the Indian market, serves as a trusted partner in setting up engineering design centers by hiring there first team. By providing comprehensive recruitment services tailored to specific industry requirements, Krehsst sensures that companies can access the right professionals with the necessary skills and expertise in engineering design.