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Krehsst Tech Solution is a growing company, and we are excited to onboard new team members who are passionate about recruitment. We are shaping the careers of hundreds of candidates; our diverse team plays an integral role in creating new leaders across organisations. Our team members thrive in our welcoming, inclusive, and diverse culture. And no matter which career path they take, they enjoy the right balance of freedom, responsibility, and support as they chart their course. The information you share with us will be held completely confidential. To join our team, submit your CV below.

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    • About the job

      “We are a passionate Recruitment Consulting firm with over 15 years into Manufacturing & Engineering Recruitments- Permanent Staffing.

      We are looking for a fiercely passionate Talent Acquisition professional with 1 to 3 years experience who has fire in belly to bring out of box solutions.

      Perseverance and ability to think how to accomplish the task at hand.

      High energy and penchant to take ownership of own work to over deliver.

      Works with great Focus and is relentless in efforts to complete tasks at hand.

      Is fearless to try new ways of accomplishing his/her tasks and has high maturity to timely report non completed tasks”.

      Has vision to see long term growth for self in the organization and conviction to succeed in the job.

      Does not shy away from challenge and believes in focused communication.

      Kindly upload your CV and apply with ref- 1806

    • About the job

      Trainee Recruiters, Experienced Recruiters

      Looking for Post Graduate – Frehsers to 1 year experience – Pune location

      Post graduate and wanting to make a career in Recruitments/ Talent Acquisition.

      You have any 5 of below skills/competence: 

      1. You have research skills.
      2. You have basic industry and Technology Understanding.
      3. You have great logic and analytical skills.
      4. You like to connect with people.
      5. You have great follow up.
      6. You don’t like to give up.
      7. You have high Perseverance.
      8. You have creative thinking.
      9. You have good Selling and marketing flair.
      10. Hungry to grow by deploying knowledge at work.

      Minimum 2 years of work commitment.

      We have the best hands on training and performance platform for recruiters.

      Kindly upload your CV and Please apply with ref- 1906

    • About the job

      Top Urgent – Are you looking for an opportunity to work with an MNC in 2-3 years from now

      We are looking out for an experienced Talent Acquisition Professional with 1- 3 years experience

      Please apply only and only if you fulfil the following 10 criteria:

      1. Great communicator and have habit of continuous reading
      2. Proactive and do not wait for instructions from your manager
      3. Passion to excel
      4. Hands on experience in recruitments through Social Media,
      5. Good experience on Naukri Portal and LinkedIn
      6. Have good understanding of HR function and Salary Fitment
      7. Full time MBA
      8. Located out of Pune
      9. Can join immediately –
      10. WFH

      Initial shortlisting will be done on the above criteria.

      Kindly upload your CV and apply with ref- 2006