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Electrical Distribution Industry

This Week’s Top Stories About Electrical Distribution Industry

This Week’s Top Stories About Electrical Distribution Industry 560 420 Krehsst

This Week’s Top Stories About Electrical Distribution Industry

India has established one of the most diverse power sectors in the world. The sources of electricity are segregated into conventional and non-conventional sources. Coal, oil, nuclear power, natural gas, and hydro are conventional sources, while solar, wind, domestic, and agricultural waste are non-conventional sources. Electricity demand witnessed rapid growth and is expected to rise further shortly. This increased demand leads to newer endeavours among companies across the country.

Schneider Electric’s Smart Investment in Bangalore

This Thursday, December 22, Schneider Electric disclosed its plans to venture a total of INR 425 crore on a new smart factory in Bangalore. The light engineering company is estimated to be one of India’s largest smart factories. The zonal president of Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. claims that this decision will contribute to India’s economic growth and solidly to this country’s self-dependency.

This new factory promises to make high-demand products from single-phase UPS, three-phase UPS, renewable products, power distribution units, low-voltage drives, pre-existing data centres, and much more. As per its latest statement, the number of jobs this business endeavour creates spiked from 1000 to 3000. A reliable source from the company claims that this business move will result in an export volume capacity of 80% in customers across 30 nations worldwide.

Lastly, this lighting engineering company consolidates electronics PCBA, electronic systems, and electronics products to safeguard its futuristic value.

How Will The Establishment Proceed?

This Thursday, Schneider Electric declared that this new facility would take 6 out of their 10 existing factories under one roof. As per the understated plan, this new factory will extend its parameters to 10 lakh square meters, which is twice what it once was.

This light engineering company estimates a sale of 5200+ crore by 2026. The expansion will magnify the company’s major investments in 4IR technologies to guarantee efficiency and sustainability in the company’s operations.

Such business endeavours call for effective recruitment in several light engineering companies. It is important to manage this complex process critically. This is where light industrial recruiting firms in India play a crucial role.

The future of India’s light engineering companies is safeguarded in this decision. The zonal president of India and CEO and MD, Anil Chaudhry, of Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd., estimated this factory to be their largest smart factory established in India.

Final Thought

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Green Hydrogen

Introducing Green Hydrogen in the Chemical-Process Industry

Introducing Green Hydrogen in the Chemical-Process Industry 560 420 Krehsst

Introducing Green Hydrogen in the Chemical-Process Industry

The chemical and process industries focus on chemically manufacturing raw materials into products ready to be packaged. The final products will differ from their raw materials once they are processed. India’s chemical industry contributes 7% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This contribution makes India the sixth-largest chemical industry in the world. As a result, we can notice a spark in the employment opportunities that chemical recruitment agencies cater to.

India’s chemical and process industries produce about 80,000 chemical products. This vast output, demand, and recognition led to the foundation of some reputed chemical recruitment agencies in India.

Top Story of The Week

Published on 30th December 2022, Nitin Gadkari minister of Road Transport and Highways introduces green hydrogen as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Besides its obvious relevance in transportation, green hydrogen holds futuristic value in the chemical and fertiliser industry. Mr. Gadkari announced this proclamation at the 121st annual station of the established Merchant’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This element of scope and recognised demand causes a spike in growth in textile recruitment agencies in India.

Mr. Gadkari states that the country has a bright future in becoming a global manufacturing hub and green hydrogen exporter. Moreover, green hydrogen is economically convenient in small-scale applications. The chemical and process industries promise a revolutionary switch to green hydrogen by 2030. If the industry progresses at this rate, the country will establish a national market of USD 8 billion.

A Greener India

This logical yet uprooting turn has caused a rise in chemical engineering recruitment agencies since companies and start-ups revamp their ways. Not only does this create employment opportunities, but it also solidifies the growth of chemical industries in India.

Mr. Gadkari highlights the collaboration of the Central Road Research Institute with the Indian Institute of Petroleum regarding bio-bitumen development. It includes rice straw in its processing and is said to be a long-term solution to reducing the carbon footprint.

In the modern era with excess emissions, it is vital to include green hydrogen in fertiliser manufacturing. The industry consumes this green hydrogen to produce fertilisers along with other gases. It is an eco-friendly substitute for coal and crude oil. As we walk towards an environmentally-conscious world, this initiative could do wonders on a large scale.

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Setting up international shared service for a manufacturing company for various roles and functions.

Setting up international shared service for a manufacturing company for various roles and functions. 800 485 Krehsst

Two leading cement manufacturing decided to form a JV to establish one global shared service centre to create and integrate world-class processes aimed at standardising and simplifying the operations of both the companies to drive highly effective and on-time deliveries.

We were engaged to hire talent and set-up their shared service division across the levels of experience and roles. Looking at the diversity and size of the group, bringing all the stakeholders to agree and approve of the common processes and decisions was a challenge since day one.

As the first step, we conducted a dip stick study and market availability of candidates for manufacturing processes shared services. After that we created a pool of interested candidates specifically for them as per their requirements. Interviews lineup/drive were initially conducted in Business Hotels & few offers were rolled out without the office address in place. Our competent team managed the drive for 100 plus candidates per day. Along with providing talent we also assisted them with conducting interviews, collecting documents for selected candidates, negotiating salaries on behalf of the company and finally rolling out offers. In a short span of 8 months over 250 offers were rolled out & after successful salary negotiations over 200 candidates joined for various process like O2C, P2P, H2R, R2R etc. Thus we not only provided them with talent but also provided them with additional value system by assisting them with the entire recruitment process.

Hiring for EV sector with niche expertise

Hiring for EV sector with niche expertise 800 485 Krehsst

An Indian automotive component manufacturing company with legacy of more than 50 years, developed a strategic plan to align with evolving automotive technology. As part of their strategic plan the company decided to set up an organization In e-mobility space. This EV organization will design and develop components for the customers of the company and help the company to acquire a presence in electric vehicle mobility space across the world. Initially the EV organization consisted of 25 members team. We were engaged to hire talent across the levels of experience and roles in the new organization of electrical vehicle mobility. As a first step we scanned the talent market and submitted an overall view of availability of the talent and the corresponding demand supply situation for electric vehicle mobility talent space. Based on initial assessment of we shared key talent profiles for different roles with the company. It was revealed that the current compensation structure and salary levels did not match the expectations of talent in EV space. We influenced client HR organization to reconsider the compensation levels to match the market. We provided some indication of CTC across experience bands in EV space. The company revisited the compensation approach and provided 30 to 50% higher levels of compensation for certain critical roles. Working with the line managers and the human resource manager of the organization we hired around 15 key talents in 6 months for the company, helping the company to implement EV strategy. These talents were hired across experience levels and roles. This helped the client to start the journey of EV components. This also helped us to develop our talent capability to hire in the e-mobility space.

Hiring Digital talent for a manufacturing client to meet their digital strategy goals

Hiring Digital talent for a manufacturing client to meet their digital strategy goals 800 485 Krehsst

We partnered with a European multinational company having established presence in India for 20 plus years. The company is engaged into manufacturing and sale of steel chords with a special technology of manufacturing steel wires and chords. the company has global presence across 50 plus countries. It’s product range consisted of products across steel wires and chords. As part of the global strategy of digitalization of the operations and enhance digital capability of the organization the company put in place a new digital organization across the world. One of the global digital verticals in this new digital organization is based out of India.

The company mandated us to provide talent for the Indian digital vertical. The talent needs required a talent pool of digital experts in the area of data scientist, data analytics and solution architects across technologies. The talent need was across the experience levels and seniority level of operational and leadership roles. All these roles were for the global digital internal customers of the company. The pay range varied with the highest pay for some roles up to INR 09 million per year. The digital hiring team of ours successfully used multiple methods of databased hiring and headhunting approach to attract the talent in 6 months. The top 3 challenges in this hiring assignment are identified as attracting digital talent for manufacturing organisation with low employer brand visibility , significant jump in demand for digital talent post pandemic and pay range based on market which is outside the normal pay range of manufacturing industry. With deep partnering with the hiring managers in India & Europe and the local and global Human resource team, we moved with speed and reliability in the process of hiring overcoming these challenges. We have hired 8 talents so far and the same will continue with additional new mandates in the year 2022-23.