Our Staffing Solutions will help your business adapt and grow in an ever changing marketplace.

Our Story

The story of Krehsst is one of speed, quality and innovative delivery.

We launched in Pune in 2005 and have grown since then to become a staffing solutions company with embedded values of innovation, processes and teamwork. Krehsst recruitment has an industry experience of over two decades to provide businesses with the right manpower and consulting solutions.

We believe in the constant need to evolve and change in a world where change is the only phenomenon that is constant. We are a very different global recruitment firm both in our functioning and delivery mechanism. We understand our client and their needs precisely and thoroughly. Our team is dedicated to provide solutions that are tailored to the business needs of a wide range of clients across multiple sectors. We view each client as a unique entity, the challenges, talent acquisition needs and marketplace for every client are different. Therefore, the staffing solutions we recommend are exclusive.

Our approach follows a track of innovation and constant speedy delivery. Our understanding is deep rooted in Human Resource theory; and we always integrate theory with practice to give ground breaking results.

We will help you find the best candidate, in the shortest time span and the most economical way that will benefit your organization. Our staffing solutions include Permanent Staffing, Temporary Staffing, HR Advisory Services and HRMS automation.

Nothing is more important to your company’s success than the people who make it happen. Let us help you recruit the right people with talent that will make all the difference in your business TODAY!

What makes us stand apart is our commitment to excellence and our quest for customer satisfaction. We join hands with our clients in the true spirit of partnership to create a Value Based Affiliation.

Owing to our systematic and process based approach leading to superior operational efficiency, we are certified by International Standards Certification as an ISO 9001:2008 Company.

Krehsst Business Vision

Our Vision

  • Understand the client requirements and define the challenge.
  • Evolve multiple options in shortest possible time to meet the challenge.
  • Strive for excellence in our delivery, to exceed our client expectations.
  • Proposing optimal staffing solutions in the context of requirement and availability.
  • Having a professional Human Resources team dedicated to work with sincerity, commitment and integrity.
  • Keeping pace with the ever changing, dynamic and challenging recruitment market place.
  • Following our well defined “Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the best talent acquisition for your business.

Our Focus

  • Clear and transparent communication.
  • Continuous research and innovation.
  • Commitment to client relationship.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Empowerment for leadership.
  • Social responsibility.
Krehsst Values
Krehsst Business Belief

Our Belief

  • Delivering quality with speed.
  • Innovation and new ideas to fuel business growth.
  • Meeting client expectations to attain client satisfaction.
  • Maintaining high standards of performance and professionalism.
  • Improving the quality of work with every staffing assignment.
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